My Parents Didn’t Teach Me Racism - Part IV

The Rich and Powerful Are Virulently Addicted to Status

Addicts are shaping our world

Blue and gold mansion, racism, white supremacy, toxic whiteness, addiction, addicts, status, injustice, racial inequity, wealth gap, generational wealth
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I write about the bad actions of racists because they’re responsible for a world of destruction. Racism, yes, but also, the massive inequality and poverty we have.

A Medium writer asked me why I focus on the badness and not the…

Black people didn’t choose slavery, but most white people did

Mural of 1957 Canada on the side of the drug store in Ontario, white people only. The American dream of an all white neighbourhood, no Blacks. Racism, white terror, toxic whiteness, Black lives.
Image by Author

Years ago I told a well-known Canadian journalist that the US was a fundamentally evil country. He disagreed. I stopped communicating with him because our views were too divergent to bridge.

Well, it’s 2021 and guess what? I win.

I don’t usually say “most whites” because the good whites know…

Kay Valley

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