This shouldn’t surprise us

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American writer Allison Gaines recently wrote a story on the phenomenon of white people visiting US plantations. Ms. Gaines, rightly connected the idea of the plantation with the horrors of Jewish death camps, noting that places like Auschwitz are not destinations for weddings and other joyous occasions.

They’re places where…

3 Ways to Fool people into believing you’re something you’re not

Black woman in red top sitting on her own while white co-workers are together in the background, racism, race, whiteness, white supremacy, black, inequality, injustice, white, systemic racism
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We all know racism is an uncommon one-off act committed by a few bad apples.

When you’re working and you want people to believe you’re not a racist, here are three simple ways guide to trick them into thinking you’re something you’re not.

Number Three

When the new hire shows…

When he tells us he cares about Indigenous Rights, he’s lying

Trudea on Tofino beach with wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau instead of honouring Indigenous people on Canada’s first Truth and Reconciliation holiday. white supremacy, whiteness, white, racism, white rage, injustice.

Canada just had an election. Truth be told, it was a waste of time.

Justin Trudeau, our rich white boy Prime Minister (PM), called it in the hopes of winning a majority while all of us were exhausted because of the pandemic. …

It’s not the best pic of Blacksie (my name for her) but it’s what I’ve got. Pic by Author’s daughter.

An award is usually given because the receiver has done something outstanding or is in some way deserving of recognition. In my home, cum office setup, the winner of this honour is our cat Blacksie aka Blacks.

That’s not her real name, it’s Karie. My two daughters are big Anime…

Getting whole by getting naked

“Pole dance” by PralineB is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The opening train whistle rings out, high pitched and lonely. Conjuring a desolate frontier town at high noon. Tumbleweeds roll down the dirt road under their own power.

Ennio Morricone’s main theme for “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”

All sound ceases in the wake of that lonely whistle…


Racism and whiteness aren’t my choice

KKK Marching in White Hoods in the USA 1926, white supremacy, hate, racism, white rage, inequality, injustice, racist, race
“Ku Klux Klan marching down Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C — 1926 LOC 34203u” by over 26 MILLION views Thanks is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Last week, (Monday, September 13, 2021), to be exact. I drove my daughter to school and on the way, I watched two little Black babies crossing the wide road. These two little guys were no more than ten years old and that might be pushing it.

They crossed with their…

It’s called malignant narcissism and whites have it to one degree or another.

The tree lined street with island. racism, white supremacy, white rage, hate, injustice
The Street near our house — by Author

White people know they’re being racist. They’ll act out their bigotry especially if they believe they can get away with it — and they mostly do.

Monday morning September 16 I drove my daughter to school. This is in Ontario, Canada. …


I wanted your pity, that’s why I wrote about race

“The Highwayman.” by Neil. Moralee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Listen to the Writer Read the Article Here

Apparently, Black anti-racism writers like me are talking about racism waaaay too much!! We should get a job, pay our bills, and stop blogging for pity.

That’s the message I’ve been getting from some Black (and white) male writers.

The number of…

Annamie Paul is the future

Annamie Paul, The Greens, politics, Canada, Racism, Indigenous, Equality, Justice
Annamie Paul with Green Party of Canada supporters

If we, in fact, inhabited the world we’ve been taught to believe we do, one that functions on merit and ability, then Annamie Paul, the first Black woman leader of a major party would be elected Prime Minister.

In this make-believe world of the “best person for the job”…

It’s are you sane?

white grandmother and grandfather on chairs on lawn. family, mental health, parenting, relationships, society, equality, injustice, politics, future
“My Grandfather & Grandmother / Platinum wedding anniversary” by Merlijn Hoek is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I was sitting in my daughter’s room when her dad called. Her voice immediately changed. I could hear she was confused, taken aback (you’ll see this was the aptest description for what was happening), and scared. My daughter is seventeen. …

Kay Valley

I imagine what life would be without racism and white supremacy. But I write what life is like with them.

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