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A few weeks ago, I reached out to Journal-isms editor Richard Prince for work he’d advertised. I didn’t get the job. What I did get was the incredible opportunity to sit in on a Roundtable with journalists of incredible talent, and accomplishment.

Nichelle Smith the Enterprise Editor, Racism and History…

Hospital named after Mohawk slaver Joseph Brant, slave trade, slaves, Canada, racism, White Supremacy, Black lives, Sophia Burthern Pooley
Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital by Andrew Lynes, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons ( Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington, Ontario. I grew up in Burlington and my mother worked as a Registered Nurse in this facility named after the Mohawk slaver.

Sophia Burthen Pooley in her own words

I was born in Fishkill, New York State, twelve miles from North River. My father’s name was Oliver Burthen, my mother’s Dinah. I am now more than ninety years old. I was stolen from my parents when I was seven years old, and…

Racism in Canada

anti-Black racism, racism, White supremacy, injustice, hate, Canadian politics, annamie paul, the green party, jim harris,
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

To say that a Black woman, “cries racism when she doesn’t get her way” is racist and shameful. It denies the racism that Black Canadian women experience. It’s a dog whistle that feeds into the racist Canadian trope that calls Black women’s experiences false. …

Parkdale teacher in blackface for halloween 2021, racism, injustice, inequality, Black Lives Matter
Submitted by Cathy Gatlin (Adjusted by Author in Canva)

On Friday, October 29, 2021, a white teacher walked into a Toronto classroom wearing blackface. His students sat stunned, in shock and discomfort. When students questioned what he was doing, the teacher said “it looked cool.”

The teacher remained in blackface for the entire 75-minute class. At an assembly later…

Kay Valley

Racism, injustice, inequality, climate change. I’m getting angrier as I get older. If you enjoy my writing, share a tea at Ko-fi.com/kvalley

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