Why I won’t buy a Tesla

Support Black Lives Don’t Buy a Tesla

Kay Valley
2 min readApr 1, 2022


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Not a Tesla — Courtesy of Buick Lyriq

I’m buying a new car, either an EV (Electric Vehicle) or a Hybrid (which works with both electricity and gas).

I am not buying a Tesla.

Once upon a time, a Tesla was my dream car. But I don’t support any company that fails to do right by Black people. And with the largest racial discrimination lawsuit ever brought against a company, Tesla qualifies as an unsafe space for Black workers.

For me, that translates into its cars. If you can’t be arsed to make a safe workplace for people who look like me — suggesting pretty clearly, you don’t give a damn about Black people — then I don’t believe you’re building cars for me.

Sure, you’d love for me to spend my money on your car — it bloats Elon Musk’s bank account ever higher, but I’d look like a fool.

Can you imagine a Black person driving around in a car made by a company that hates Black humanity? Talk about cooning! Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that some Black people believe they can buy Massa's approval by sporting their toys.

Relegating people to the “plantation” at work because they’re Black. Calling them niggers. Refusing to produce the records of their complaints (as Tesla is required by law to do) while denying the worker ever made the complaint aren’t the actions of a progressive company.

They’re the same regressive tactics anachronistic corporations have long utilized to discredit and injure workers.

So, no. I have zero interest in supporting the most valuable carmaker in the world in their practice of using racism against Black people. Of subjugating and separating people on the basis of their skin color.

I will spend my money to support a progressive car company.

One that uses union labor. That makes solid vehicles including hybrids and electrics. Preferably a carmaker based in North America. I will buy a car from a company that supports Black workers every day of the week not just on the days when they want to make it look like they support us.

I hope if you are tasked with buying a vehicle, you’ll stop and think about how you want to support Black lives and be an ally. I hope you’ll buy from a progressive car manufacturer.



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