Working While Black Behind Closed Doors

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The belief that being white is special. That the cosmic lottery has favored you with superior intelligence, beauty, and ability. Yours is the unique ability to know what is best for the world down to the peskiest detail, like Dr. Biden in patterned hose. To be so blessed because your skill in all things and built-in wonderfulness heralds your rightful place — above all other non-whites.

White supremacy can be visible or invisible, such as when Black students are systemically streamed away from higher education. It can be big events or little slights. …

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When Your Alarm Rings — What You Do Next Will Determine the Rest of Your Life

By: K.Valley

If you’re like me and are devouring with unseemly abandon a host of articles on how to improve your writing, you most likely want to take all that advice on how to become a better writer and turn it into reality. Well, The Slight Edge is the key.

Written by Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge tells us in stupefyingly simple terms what we need to do.

You’ll need to decide every day if you’re doing this

Now, I get no royalties for how many times I write The Slight Edge just to let you know, but you’ll see…

After this feud, Sharon Osbourne won’t be misunderstood again

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It’s miserable to be misrepresented, misunderstood. Horrible to spend your life building a legacy, then being forced to watch helplessly as your edifice crumbles because you decided in your 63 years of life on earth to never have the humility and grace to educate yourself about what racism is. Apparently, neither you nor your good friend Piers Morgan needs to do the work to understand racism and your support for it.

You already know what racism is and it’s whatever you say it is or isn’t. Sharon, your good friend fondly recalls the days that people could say…

Logical Fallacy

Until whites say no to white supremacy, it stays

storm-troopers-one eating-large-pizza-one-eating-much-smaller-pizza-showing-inequality
storm-troopers-one eating-large-pizza-one-eating-much-smaller-pizza-showing-inequality
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Have you ever noticed that nearly any argument put forward on “fixing” the system is usually met with angry cries to “get a thick skin, there’s nothing wrong with the system. You’re lazy, or, you want special treatment.”

Yet none of the yells and screams ever offer a logical counterargument for the system? There seems to be an undefined sense of “the system just is, so we should simply accept it as so.” It does make one wonder what the arguments are for keeping the system.

It’s not my job to help out with reasons to keep the system, I’m here to add my voice to tearing it down

Andrew Cheng recently authored , giving us sound reasons…

How many lives must be sacrificed for White supremacy to fall

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By: K. Valley

It wasn’t even 1 day after the murder of 8 women before the mitigating excuses, “sex addiction, a blow against the porn industry, not racially motivated (because the gunman said so) and the shooter had a

True or not true, they’re completely irrelevant and meaningless. Eight women are dead. They were going about their day, focused on their struggles, their need to earn money, their lives, kids, romance, parents, school.

Suddenly the deadliest of weapons, the young white male full of righteous might, guns akimbo walks in. …

Movies and Justice

To Crush Your Enemies like the Rich and Powerful Use These 3 Tools


Hollywood has a problem with racism and abuse. After Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and Times Up, with studios mouthing “we support, we vow to do better” you’d think Hollywood would’ve stepped up its game to protect the abused.

You’d be wrong.

When Ray Fisher (Cyborg in The Justice League movie, 2017) tweeted to the world that Joss Whedon was abusive and unprofessional on the set of the movie, Warner Brothers went into full-on Deny, Deflect, Discredit mode.


Warner Bros didn’t immediately launch into denials. They were much smoother than that. Their strategy was subtle, starting with the launch of…

Movies and Culture

Why It's Important to Support Ray Fisher

Smashing the System That Protects the Guilty

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By: K.Valley

Knowing he could lose everything Ray Fisher accused Joss Whedon of abuse. In spite of the attacks the studio launched against him, Ray let it be known that responsibility for the gross misconduct also included executives higher up than Whedon.

A man of words, and stories, Whedon has not uttered a single one to date. Perhaps he’s hoping the storm clouds will move past and a new front-page story will emerge.

Why Prince William is really sad and shocked (Hint, it’s racism)

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By: K.Valley

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided they weren’t returning to the royal family, as a result, the queen stripped them of their titles and duties. Probably a small price to pay for freedom.

Their statement, “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal” was seen as disrespectful and “talking back” to the queen.

William, Harry’s brother and the future King of England announced he is “” at Harry and Meghan’s statement. The British media piled on reviling Harry and Markle as insulting to the queen.

The words don’t mean a thing. Harry and…

Cultural Diversity Needs to happen from the bottom

By: K.Valley

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Cultural Diversity. We’ve all heard it, maybe used the term ourselves. Do you really know what it means? Quick, look away from your screen. Define it. You have ten seconds. Did anything come to mind? Anything beyond the usual “it’s important, it’s…” If you floundered here, you’re not alone. Cultural Diversity is difficult to define. It’s difficult to interpret and to conceptualize. The recognizes that even among experts, cultural diversity can be interpreted in a multiplicity of ways.

At the macro and the micro, cultural diversity is the patterns. Whether the patterning is in a…

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